About Me

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I'm Jerry (aka. hozaka), a experienced product specialist with solid tech background. Starting programming since I'm in high school.

Currently working with SHANDA Games (NASDAQ: GAME) as Product Director of mobile game dept. The highlightted game title I managed is "Million Arthurs" (百万亚瑟王) ( on App Store ) - a card battle game by SQUARE ENIX.

Hozaka in the Past

Back to 2005 I startted a start-up project (inu.cc) with some guys, using Ruby on Rails (0.6). It was a revolution of Internet at that time, Web 2.0 applications blowed up. Our vision is to bring a social bookmarking service to Chinese audiences, which should be more friendly to Chinese people.

Unfortunately the project dies. I steped out to RED.com as a Rails developer, co-working with Daniel, Weston and other cool men. The website and ERP mirroring portal is our super star.

After that, as you may know, the Happy Farm on facebook. In 2007, after a brain-stroming, inu.cc becomes Five Minutes Inc., a leading social game developer & operating company in the world. We handled millions of our users across varient social platforms over the world. What I was working is the fondation of all our games - a highly designed platform. By this platform we were able to port our social game to a new SNS website within days.

Skill Tags

Ruby on Rails / Ruby / HTML / CSS / MySQL

(while in high school) ASP / Visual Basic / Pascal / Delphi / SQL Server

Product Designing / Social Game / Mobile Game / Game Operating / Monetization / Game Tuning / Marketing / Business Development